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Pool Removal Services Santa Clara CA

Finding quality Pool Removal Services in Santa Clara CA is as easy as scheduling an estimate with the experts: Richie Bobcat Pool Removal. There is no other team you want on your side when planning a pool removal. Richie Bobcat Pool Removal is licensed, insured, experienced. Additionally, when it comes to Pool Removal we never cut corners or sacrifice safety. We take the stress and worry out of pool removal. Because of this, our clients know that they can count on us. Richie Bobcat Pool Removal has been serving Santa Clara County since 2005! Indeed, no one in the area is as qualified as Richie Bobcat Pool Removal!

Steps to Pool Demolition

The removal of your old pool starts with your request for an estimate. Once we’ve provided you with your in-home estimate and we’ve gone over your options with you, we’ll then set up a date to begin pool removal. Surely, we must remove all remaining water before demolition can begin. Certainly, we always perform this step in accordance with local city and county regulations. After water removal, we will then start demolishing the pool. During this phase we can help you prepare the newly cleared area for its new intended purpose. Leaving space to bury new plumbing etc.

Following the Completion of Demolition

After demolition, the most complicated phase of the project begins. Fill in requires proper fill dirt and compaction tests. These tests are required by law and help protect you and the environment. During clean-up, we will remove all pool debris and tidy up the property. We remove all equipment and machinery. Richie Bobcat Pool Removal provides the concrete disposal in house as part of our services. To schedule your estimate for Santa Clara CA pool demolition or to learn more about removing a pool in Santa Clara CA, contact us today!
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