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Pool demolition Los Altos CA

Are you dealing with an old, eyesore pool? Would you rather use the space that your old pool occupies for other purposes? Richie Bobcat Pool Removal proudly provides Pool Demolition in the Los Altos CA area! Developing a plan to demolish your pool is the first step. We work with you to properly prepare your new clear space for its new purpose. Because of this, your space can make a clean transition to its new use. Most importantly, obtaining necessary demolition permits is crucial to performing our services within the limits of the law.

Top Notch Pool Removal

At this point we take care of everything for you to make the process as efficient as possible. Surely, we do everything by the book as to limit liability for our company and our clients. Additionally, we will see to it that all remaining water in the pool is fully drained, checked for toxicity, and disposed of properly in compliance with wastewater regulations. Disconnecting your electric, gas, and plumbing lines connected to your swimming pool. This keeps ourselves and our work space free of any potential accidents. This also saves you from any potential liability hassles. From years of experience, we’ve come up with the most practical and efficient way to break down a swimming pool.

Back Filling, Grading, and Compacting

By far the most intensive portion of any project, this is where our expertise truly sets us apart from the competition. Once demolition has been completed, removal of all remaining debris begins. After breaking up the debris into the smallest pieces possible, we load it into trucks and haul it to the nearest recycling plant. The final stage is clean up and inspection. We make it a point to clean up after ourselves, leaving no indication of the former swimming pool.

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