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Swimming Pool Backfill

Nearly every swimming pool removal ends with Backfill and grading, a process that creates a foundation for all future site development. Choosing the wrong San Jose swimming pool excavation contractors for the job can result in exorbitant costs, prolonged completion, and even structural hazards, so you want to make sure you hire the experienced professionals at Richie Bobcat Pool Removal.

Swimming Pool Backfilling is the process of filling the hole that remains after a pool has been removed. In the case of swimming pool removals, an excavator removes all concrete debris and transports them into a dump truck to be hauled away. Excavators also dig holes and build dirt piles around the property to create a new layout for the construction team to work with if needed. The next step is grading, which starts once all the swimming pool debris have been cleared away. The heavy equipment used for grading pushes the topsoil into an even layer to lessen the amount of bumps that may be found throughout the foundation. This creates a clean slate for your next backyard project, whether it be new landscaping or a large deck. We specialize in residential and commercial swimming pool excavations and Backfilling, so you can rest assured that your project will be carried out by experts. From land clearing to finish, every job is supervised to ensure competent execution and 100% customer satisfaction.